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RepeatMasker is a program that screens DNA sequences for low complexity DNA sequences and interspersed repeats.
The masked out sequence can be used for example BLAST searches. Repeats are stored in the database Repbase update.

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Libraries version: 20170127 (Dfam_Consensus, RepBase)
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Fast (quick search; 5-10% less sensitive, 3-4 times faster)
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Repeat Options
Do not mask low_complexity DNA or simple repeats
only masks Alus (and 7SLRNA, SVA and LTR5)(only for primate DNA)
only masks low complex/simple repeats (no interspersed repeats)

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Show Alignments
Mask with X's to distinguish masked regions from Ns already in query
Produce an annotation table with fixed width columns

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RepeatMasker written and supported by Arian Smit.
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